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Share. Please. In honor or this nameless hero whom because of this letter he or she sent me, could save a life tonight. 

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I’m crying really hard just imagining if I had ever gotten a message like this in my inbox from one of my followers. My inbox is always open and I may not get to it immediately, but I will soon. I’m always on here and my followers should know that I care about every single fucking one of you. I know I don’t talk to many of them, but I do care a lot of them. Please just talk to me if you feel this way.

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I am not always on 100% all day but I am on and off for most of it. I am here and my box is open. All day everyday. You are never alone. I might not be the perfect person but I’ll be damned if I don’t try to be good enough to help other people I have lived long enough to legitimately here probably one of every story there could possibly be and I never judge

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hello everyone that needs to do their hw

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"I know you are there." Arwen looked up at the tree the young boy was sitting upon, "What are you doing up there?"


Jack smirked down to the woman when he realized he had been found. “Just hoping not to be found, M’lady.”





Bunny was sitting under a tree with his hand behind his head and changed into a clothes that was comfortable for this type of weather since it felt like it could break the thermometer on how hot it was.He was glad that to be sitting under the tree to keep him cool from the…

His ears twitches a bit when he head someone calling him which he opens his eyes to see who it is “Frost? Shouldn’t you be at the north pole since its hot here mate?” 

"Eh, I thought I’d make a visit." He wiped his forehead again. "I’d bored as hell at the pole, so I thought why not."

Bunny raised an eyebrow at the winter spirit “So you came out here in the heat just to visit me?” 

"Why not? You hate the cold but you visit the Pole every so often." Jack reasoned.











Jack was traveling through the blizzard, on his way to the Pole, until he saw a figure in the wind and snow. Barely effect by the blizzard, he flew over to the figure.

"Hey, are you okay?" He called over the wind.

Delanie slowly turned to the…

Delanie sniffled and wiped her running and numb nose. She was wearing a heavy jacket but she didn’t expect such a horrible blizzard. She looked up at the stranger, smiling “Thank you.” She whispered his ear, hoping he heard as they made it to the Pole

Jack ended up carrying her to the Pole. Once there, he immediately found one of Norths sitting rooms where there was a fire roaring in a fireplace. Setting her down  on the large couch, He snagged one of the blankets and covered her.

She put her good down, showing off her brown curls. She looked up at him slowly and smiled, hugging the blanket close. “Thanks for helping me. That blizzard came out of nowhere.” She flushed a bit and rubbed her very pink cheeks

Jack scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, sorry about that. At least you’re okay now. You can stay here i’till the blizzards gone.”

She nodded and moved the blanket off, taking her coat off after so she could be a bit more comfortable. She stood “I’m Delanie. Spirit of water.” She said, holding out a hand. “And you are?”

He gave her a small laugh. “I’m Jack frost, Spirit of Winter and Fun.” He smiled, holding and shaking her hand lightly. ” Its nice to meet you, Delanie.”

She smiled happily and brought him into a hug “Thank you for helping me.” She said softly and pulled back, siting on the couch and curling up, laying down

She surprised him by hugging him, but he did hug back momentarily till she pulled away. “You’re welcome, of course. I couldn’t just leave ya out there, could I?”

shardsofelsa asked:
"Jack?" The voice was tentative as she tilted her head to the side. Was it really the boy she had seen so many times as a child?

askjackfrostynips answered:

" That’s me," he said, softly smiling. "I didn’t know you remembered me." 



Laughing, Jack skidded to a halt as she put her back to the door. Suddenly, they were very close. Jack stared, liking how a genuine smile looked on her. This was the Elsa he remembered. Happy, her face glowing with happiness. He liked it, it was a hell of a lot better then being proper and stiff. He realized- she needed more fun in her life.

He also realized, that they were very, very close.

With a sheepish laugh he stepped away, not knowing if she noticed they’re faces being only a few inches from each other. He rubbed the back of his neck and consciously gripped at his staff. 

Close indeed. Elsa froze - pun intended - as she identified exactly how near she and the winter spirit had come to one another - she could feel his breath still lingering on her skin. She’d forgotten in some ways what it felt like to be a playful child, and when she’d been young being so close had never felt unusual. It had felt like playtime. 

The closeness had her cheeks flared a bright pink in an embarrassed blush. “I’m still not faster than you,” Elsa conceded, “But I don’t mind as much as I thought I would. I must have grown up into a lady.” She teased. 

"are you sure growing up is a good thing?" He asked honestly. "Yeah, you are the queen now, right? That doesn’t mean you cant have fun." He felt like he mumbled his reasoning.